James Cameron Says Next Terminator Should Focus on the T-800


MTV got a chance to ask James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic) about the rumors that he had met up with Arnold Schwarzenegger to discuss the next Terminator film.

While he won’t be involved with the project, Cameron did confirm he advised Schwarzenegger last fall on the direction the story should take. Cameron, who directed the first two “Terminator” films, said the focus should be on the T-800.

“I was trying to be as encouraging as possible. Frankly, at that time, I thought it needed to be more about him,” Cameron said. “I told him he should not do it until it’s focused on his character or he shouldn’t do it. I think there are some great stories that can be told about that character that haven’t even been thought of yet.”

You can check out the interview segment below. Do you think Schwarzenegger will follow Cameron’s advise? What do you think the next film should be about?