Hannover House Plans Mother Goose! Movie


Hannover House announced today it is planning the fantasy motion picture Mother Goose!. Here is the full announcement:

Hannover House, Inc. has acquired the worldwide rights to the fantasy motion picture screenplay, “Mother Goose!” from Michael Snyder, and has assembled a co-production team and financing plan to put the film into production later this year. The film is expected to feature a major star in the title role of Mother Goose, along with several A-list celebrities in cameo roles as famous characters from children’s folklore.

“Mother Goose!” tells the story of a young brother and sister, Jack and Jill, who are magically transported into a fantasy fairy land full of amusing characters and absurd situations. In order for them to return to their real lives, the kids must solve three riddles and obtain a magical key from the queen of the land, Mother Goose. The film contains story elements of “Alice in Wonderland” as well as “The Wizard of Oz” and is written to appeal to a broad, commercial audience.

“We’re very excited to have acquired this property,” said Eric Parkinson, CEO of Hannover House. “Snyder has crafted an enchanting story that reads like an instant classic. He has also simplified our production process by initiating discussions with major stars and co-production partners. We’re confident that the film can commence principal photography this fall, and be ready for a summer, 2013 theatrical launch.”

Hannover House plans to assemble the production financing for “Mother Goose!” through a combination of international pre-sales, tax incentives from the State of Arkansas, and a co-production partnership with a Polish production company to be announced later. Principal photography will occur primarily in Arkansas, with many exteriors shot in Poland – including the castle sequences – and star cameo roles shot in Los Angeles on a large stage set.

“This is a major, tent-pole level picture for our release schedule,” said Fred Shefte, President of Hannover House. “We have established a solid business model for Hannover House through a regimented, monthly release slate of primarily direct-to-video level titles. However, in order for the company to step up to the higher levels of title visibility and commercial potential, it is important that we have major releases such as ‘Mother Goose’ in our schedule. We have found that, in many cases, off-balance-sheet production fund opportunities present a safer means for the company to acquire this level of major title, than the festival acquisition bidding processes that often generate inflated prices. Furthermore, the perpetuity ownership of this title by Hannover House as copyright proprietor represents a better library asset than a short-term license of rights from a third party producer,” Shefte concluded.

Parkinson and Shefte will be Executive Producers, with Snyder also assisting with the producing chores. The film is expected to attract a major director, said Parkinson.

“Mother Goose!” represents the company’s first “A-Level” property to move from development into production greenlight. Other major titles under development include “T3K”, a proposed 3D animated feature based on the “Terminator” franchise (requiring third party license approval), and the property rights to the sequel for an Academy Award winning feature, pending formal announcement. The company is also involved with several mid-level production ventures, including a multi-picture agreement with Allegheny Image Factory, with their current production of “The Mothman Chronicles.”