Black Forest to Adapt Young Adult Sci-Fi Tale, Quarantine


Black Forest Film Group has announced to Variety their plans to bring to the screen the world of the upcoming post-apocalyptic novel trilogy, Quarantine. The first book in the series (which was originally going to be spelled “Quaranteen”), “The Loners,” is set for release this July and is officially described as follows:

The Thorpe brothers are on their own. Ever since their mom died, and their dad took a big job, David’s been forced to play parent to his epileptic younger brother, Will. He knows he’s got to teach Will how to take care of himself sooner rather than later. But when a mysterious explosion rocks their high school one morning, David realizes he needs to teach Will real survival skills, if the two of them are going to make it out alive. With the explosion, a deadly virus is unleashed on the school. The virus only infects teenagers in their peak puberty years, causing them to lose their hair and making them lethal to adults and children. Within minutes, every faculty member is dead. The military quarantines the building, opening fire on any escape attempt and installing bi-monthly food drops. After a year of quarantine, with no adults around, all of the social cliques have developed into gangs – The Nerds, The Geeks, The Freaks, The Skaters, The Pretty Ones and Varsity – and without a gang, it’s almost impossible to survive.

Because of an old grudge, David is hated by Varsity, the scariest gang in school. Because no gang wants trouble from Varsity, nobody wants David or Will as a member. Now, more than ever, the brothers need to work together, but if the school doesn’t kill them, sibling rivalry will.

In this dark and captivating debut, Lex Thomas takes readers on a thrilling ride of a high school where fitting in is a matter of life-or-death.

The novel’s authors, Lex Hrabe and Thomas Voorhies (under the pen name Lex Thomas), will adapt their tale into a feature screenplay, which is already being eyed as a potential franchise.