Lionsgate Plans Nicolas Cage Comic Book Heist Tale, Action No. 1

A based-on-truth Superman story is on the way with Action No. 1, says a story at The Hollywood Reporter. Written by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon (“Reno 911!”), the film will offer a comedic take on the theft of actor Nicolas Cage’s “Action Comics” #1 in 2000.

Cage, an ardent Superman fan, had the first-appearance book stolen by an unknown criminal. It was recently discovered in an abandoned storage locker and put up for auction, selling for a record $2.1 million. The real perpetrator is still at large, but the film version will offer a fictionalized take on the story in which a group of nerds band together to pull off the heist.

Though there’s a part written in the script for Cage himself, the original article notes that it’s unlikely that the actor will take on the role of himself in the Lionsgate film.

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