Another Project X is Being Planned


After a highly-successful opening weekend, Warner Bros.’ Project X is being eyed for a sequel. The Hollywood Reporter has the news, saying that Michael Bacall will return to provide a treatment for another “found footage” adventure. At this stage, it is uncertain which, if any, cast and crew members will be returning or if the followup film.

Bacall, who also wrote the upcoming 21 Jump Street, recently spoke with about his experience providing the treatment for the original.

“When you’re working with Todd [Phillips],” he said, “you can really do anything you want. In fact, you’re expected to really push it as far as you can. I wrote out the treatment really in a couple of days and turned it in. I was really kind of pleasantly surprised by how closely the final product curtailed to our earliest conception of it.”

You can check out the full interview with Bacall by clicking here.

(Photo Credit: Matrix/Flynet)