Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Trailer for Movie: The Movie


During “Jimmy Kimmel Live” after the Oscars last night, Kimmel said he set out four months ago to make the biggest, most star-studded movie ever with all genres combined. You can check out the almost 9-minute trailer for Movie: The Movie using the player below.

Featured are Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Martin Scorsese, Helen Mirren, Charlize Theron, Don Cheadle, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Samuel L. Jackson, Cameron Diaz, Tyler Perry, Colin Farrell, Bryan Cranston, J.J. Abrams, Gary Oldman, Jeff Goldblum, Kate Beckinsale, Edward Norton, Josh Brolin, Jessica Biel, Jason Bateman, John Goodman and more.

Included is Matt Damon’s long-running joke with Kimmel! The spoof actually has a website as well at