Movie and TV Series Based on Piers Anthony’s Xanth in Development


Movie and TV Series Based on Piers Anthony's Xanth in Development

A movie and TV series based on the long-running Piers Anthony Xanth series is in development

A feature film and TV series based on the long-running fantasy series set in the world of Xanth by Piers Anthony is in development, according to Variety. The projects are in the works with Steven Paul’s SP Entertainment Group. Paul, Spike Seldin and Hans Futterman will produce. There are reportedly plans in place to announce creative talent involved.

Anthony has had a number of books on the New York Times best-seller list and is most famous for the Xanth series. The first book, “A Spell for Chameleon,” was published in 1977. The intended trilogy also included “The Source of Magic” and “Castle Roogna” in 1979, but the books became so popular that the 42nd in the series is set to be published this month.

The world of Xanth is full of magical humans, centaurs, demons, dragons, fauns, gargoyles, goblins, golems, harpies, merfolk, naga, nymphs, ogres, zombies, curse fiends and more. Curse fiends are a fictional race created by Piers Anthony for the Xanth series. They have the ability to throw curses at their enemies. They are also known for putting on plays in their communities.

The official description for “A Spell for Chameleon” on Amazon reads, “Xanth was the enchanted land where magic ruled–where every citizen had a special spell only he could cast. That is, except for Bink of North Village. He was sure he possessed no magic, and knew that if he didn’t find some soon, he would be exiled. According to the Good Magician Humpfrey, the charts said that Bink was as powerful as the King or even the Evil Magician Trent. Unfortunately, no one could determine its form. Meanwhile, Bink was in despair. If he didn’t find his magic soon, he would be forced to leave….”

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