James McTeigue Takes Ness/Capone


James McTeigue has his sights set on Ness/Capone, the true tale of the famous prohibition-era battle between Eliot Ness, the leader of “The Untouchables” and notorious gangster Al Capone. Deadline has the scoop, claiming that McTeigue will direct the project for Relativity.

The script arrives from Grant Pierce Myers after hitting the “Black List” of unproduced screenplays in 2010 and is said to offer a less-than-flattering depiction of Ness’ role as a law enforcement agent.

McTeigue, originally a second-unit director, made his full directing debut with V for Vendetta in 2006. Since then, he helmed Ninja Assassin in 2009 and will, next year, release his Edgar Allen Poe biopic, The Raven with John Cusack in the lead.