Adam Scott Takes A.C.O.D.


Adam Scott will play the leading role in an indie comedy entitled A.C.O.D., Variety reports.

An acronym for “Adult Children of Divorce,” A.C.O.D. will feature Scott as a grown man still dealing with the ramifications of his parents’ divorce and who must do what he can to bring the family together when his younger brother decides to get married.

Scott, known for both television (“Parks and Recreation,” “Party Down”) and film (Step Brothers, Piranha 3D) will next be seen in the comedy drama Our Idiot Brother, hitting theaters on August 26th.

A.C.O.D. will go into production next March to take advantage of Scott’s break from shooting “Parks and Recreation” and will be directed by Stuart Zicherman, who also provided the screenplay with Ben Karlin. Zicherman will make his directorial debut, though he’s already established as a writer, drafting episodes of “Lights Out” and “Six Degrees” as well as the 2005 Marvel comic book adaptation Elektra.

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