Alan Tudyk Talks Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


Alan Tudyk, star of this week’s release Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, caught up with’s sister site, Shock Till You Drop and spoke about his role in the upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

“I’m Abe Lincoln’s political foil,” Tudyk said, “Historically, Stephen Douglas was initially engaged to Mary Todd, who became Abe’s wife. They were fellow Senators and they battled it out for the presidency. Stephen Douglas was a flip flopper. He started out his career being opposed to slavery, then he married someone with a plantation and saw all of the money coming in – it was then politically expedient to be pro-slavery… Whenever there’s a political statement to be made, Stephen wanders into the movie to represent the other side. Also, historically, Stephen Douglas worked closely with vampires to realize his political ambitions. Working with Rufus Sewell, the big baddie vampire, was great. So was Ben Walker, who plays Abe.”

Based on the novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter hits theaters on June 22, 2012.

(Photo Credit: Nikki Nelson/WENN)