Sanaa Lathan and Anthony Mackie Join Vipāka


Sanaa Lathan and Anthony Mackie have signed on to star in the Philippe Caland thriller, Vipāka, opposite the previously-announced Forest Whitaker, Variety reports.

The film, which just started production in New Orleans yesterday, features Mackie and Whitaker as enemies, whose conflict occurs against the voodoo backdrop of the city. Though the psychological aspect of the plot has not been detailed, the title refers to a Buddhist concept wherein vipāka is the direct result of a karmic act.

Caland, best known for providing the screenplay to Boxing Helena, is the director of the thematically-linked Hollywood Buddha, The Guru and the Gypsy and Ripple Effect, the latter of which also starred Whitaker. Both Buddha and Effect are available to watch for free on the production company’s website,

(Photo Credit: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN)