Antoine Fuqua Has Plans for Storming Las Vegas


Antoine Fuqua has lined up a new directing project in the form of an adaptation of John Huddy’s true-crime book Storming Las Vegas. Deadline reports that Summit Entertainment recently secured the rights to the text, which is officially described as follows.

On September 20, 1998, Jose Vigoa, a child of Fidel Castro’s revolution, launched what would be the most audacious and ruthless series of high-profile casino and armored car robberies that Las Vegas had ever seen. In a brazen sixteen-month reign of terror, he and his crew would hit the crème de la crème of Vegas hotels: the MGM, the Desert Inn, the New York—New York, the Mandalay Bay, and the Bellagio. The robberies were well planned and executed, and the police–“the stupids,” as Vigoa contemptuously referred to them–were all but helpless to stop them. But Lt. John Alamshaw, the twenty-three-year veteran in charge of robbery detectives, was not giving up so easily. For him, Vigoa’s rampage was a personal affront. And he would do whatever it took, even risk his badge, to bring Vigoa down.

Fuqua, still best known for Training Day, last directed Brookyln’s Finest and has been a part of the long-in-development action drama The Tomb, also with Summit.