Neil Burger Updates on Uncharted


It was announced earlier this month that Limitless director Neil Burger will be taking over as the director of the upcoming video-game-to-film adaption of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Now, CraveOnline has a few details from the upcoming project thanks to an exclusive interview Burger himself.

“Mainly we’re beginning from scratch and going back to the videogame,” says Burger, who hasn’t even looked at former director David O. Russell’s plans for the project, “…It’s really one of the most cinematic videogames, and one that has really developed characters. So, you know, there’s a lot of cool, really intense things that, if they work for the film’s story, I want to use them.”

The director went on to compare the property to the frenzied action of Universal’s The Bourne Identity franchise.

“It’s really up to date in its own way,” he says, “‘The Bourne Identity’ isn’t your father’s Cold War movie and this is a very different kind of treasure hunt movie. It’s very real and it has kind of an insane, wild feeling that comes out of the character; Nate being this con man and a bit of a hustler, living by his wits, ballsy and capable of anything.”

Burger also admitted that, while he’s aware of the online fervor for casting Nathan Fillion in the lead role, the film is far from the casting stage.

“I think he’s a good actor,” Burger adds, “[But] I think there’s a lot of really good actors who don’t even look like [Nathan Drake] who could play it. Where we are right now is that we’re literally starting from scratch on the screenplay, and I think that once we finish it, then we’ll go to actors and see who’s available and who’s right for the parts. Whenever that happens.”

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