Familiar Jurassic Park 4 Chatter from Joe Johnston


Last month, “Jurassic Park” fans seeking a fourth film saw a glimmer of hope when it was revealed that Steven Spielberg was discussing story options with screenwriter Mark Protosevich.

The director of the third film, Joe Johnston (Captain America, The Wolfman), did a bit of gabbing himself about the sequel. He tells Screen Rant: “We are in discussions about ‘Jurassic Park 4.’ The most important thing I can tell you is that it starts a new trilogy that will go off in a different direction — a completely different direction that is very exciting, and different from anything we’ve seen. It starts with the history of the first trilogy, but it spins it off in a completely different direction. That’s all I can tell you.”

None of this is new, mind you. Joe said the same thing back in 2010 right here AND in 2009 right here. So, how close is Johnston to Jurassic Park 4? You have to wonder, especially with Spielberg and Protosevich off having their own discussions.