Disney’s Matterhorn Ride Heading for the Big Screen


Heat Vision reports that Walt Disney Pictures is developing an adventure movie based on Disneyland’s Matterhorn ride (AKA “Matterhorn Bobsleds”). The project has the working title of The Hill.

The studio has hired Jason Dean Hall to write the script for the film, to be produced by Justin Springer (TRON: Legacy, Prom). The trade describes the Fantasyland ride as follows:

“Opened June 1959, the elaborate ride was inspired by Walt Disney’s desire for a toboggan-themed roller coaster as well as thoughts he had after an extended trip to Switzerland, the site of the famed mountain. The ride, a centerpiece of the park, was refurbished in 1978, with one of the upgrades being the addition of three automatronic Abominable Snowmen (aka Yetis) who growl at riders.”

They add that in the movie, five young adventure seekers are mysteriously called to the top of the mountain and encounter Yetis on the journey down.