Polson and Hamilton Announce Sydney, I Love You


Australian producers John Polson and Gary Hamilton today announced they will partner on a feature film entitled Sydney, I Love You, scheduled to go into production in early 2012. The film is described as “a love letter from Australia’s top film talent to one of the great cities of the world.”

Polson and Hamilton say that Australia’s “biggest and brightest names” will write, direct and star in Sydney, I Love You. The finished film will be comprised of 12 shorts–approximately 8-10 minutes each–with each one set in Sydney during a different month of the year.

John Polson is an award-winning director and producer of film and television in Australia and the US, as well as founder/director of the world’s largest short film festival, Tropfest. Gary Hamilton is Managing Director of Arclight Films International and producer of numerous films.

Both self-described Sydney aficionados, Polson and Hamilton hatched the idea for the Sydney-inspired short film showcase at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Polson said, “It’s no secret some of the best directors, actors and others either live here or are from here. It’s about time these people got together to tell stories that showcase one of the world’s most beautiful cities.”

Hamilton said, “We have always been committed to expanding the audience and influence of Australian cinema, and see this as a great opportunity to showcase our best talent.”

The list of contributors to the project will range from some of Australia’s best known “living legends” to up-and-comers who have recently shown great promise, possibly including some Tropfest alumni.

The stories will range across the board in terms of style and genre, but there will be thematic ‘connective tissue’ to ensure it plays as a whole. The score, too, will be created by one composer (yet to be determined) to ensure overall consistency to the finished feature film.

Polson and Hamilton said they have already begun the process of narrowing down the list of interested and available talent.

(Photo Credit: WENN.com)