Pacino and Levinson Reunite for The Humbling


Last month, it was announced that director Barry Levinson and actor Al Pacino would be reuniting for Gotti: Three Generations following their award-winning union on the HBO Jack Kevorkian TV movie You Don’t Know Jack. According to Deadline, they’ll be making another movie before then, adapting Philip Roth’s novel The Humbling, which they’ll film this fall. In the movie, Pacino will play Simon Axler, a stage actor on his way out who retires to an upstate New York farmhouse to live with a much younger woman.

Adapted by Levinson with Buck Henry and Michael Zebede, Levinson committed to making the movie after finishing up his thriller The Bay, which will be released by Lionsgate. With Gotti getting a page one rewrite by Levinson working with his Bugsy co-writer James Toback, that should give the director a chance to work on something else while those rewrites take place.

You can read a lot more about the project as well as some thoughts from Levinson about the development of Gotti over at Deadline.