Brendan Fraser and Vanessa Hudgens Take Gimme Shelter


Brendan Fraser and Vanessa Hudgens are just about set to star in Gimme Shelter, says a story at The Hollywood Reporter.

Hudgens would play a young woman, Agnes “Apple” Bailey, who comes to Fraser’s character, her biological father, when her own mother refuses to let her stay if she won’t terminate her pregnancy. Earlier this month, a casting call for Hudgens’ part went out, describing the role as follows:

This street-wise, 16 year old girl who calls herself Apple has never had an easy life. Her mother is a junkie and prostitute, is verbally and physically abusive, and is grooming her daughter to follow in her footsteps.

Apple knows the streets, alleys and motels like the back of her hand but wants more from her life. She possesses a tenacious, tough, indomitable spirit, and will not surrender to fate. Apple runs away from her mother and tracks down her father whom she has never known, as he was only 19 himself when he got Apple’s mother pregnant. Apple begs her now Wall Street Broker father to take her in. In the few days under her father’s care she learns she’s become pregnant by a kid from the streets she met on the train, who now wants nothing to do with her. She is forced to leave her father’s home because of her choice to give birth to the baby she carrying.

Apple runs away again, and is eventuallu taken under the wing of Father McCarthy, the chaplain of the local hospital after almost getting herself killed. He offers to let Apple live at a shelter for pregnant young women run by a spiritual woman named Kathy. It is here that Apple begins to tentatively interact with the other girls who are in the same predicament as she and gradually begins to make a family for herself.

Written and directed by Ron Krauss (Alien Hunter, Amexica), Gimme Shelter clearly owes its title to a track of The Rolling Stone’s 1969 album, “Let it Bleed.” It was subsequently used as the title for the bands rock and roll documentary one year later, but its unknown if there will be a specific Rolling Stones connection in Krauss’ film.

Production is said to begin shortly in Connecticut.