Fox Launches Writers Program


No doubt owing to the financial success of some of their recent original material like Rio and Avatar, 20th Century Fox announced today the development of a new in-house writers program designed specifically to propagate original film ideas. Details from the official press release are as follows:

Nicholas Weinstock, formerly executive vice president of Chernin Entertainment, and Steve Tzirlin, former vice president of development at Lucasfilm Ltd., have been tapped to run the program, which reports to Emma Watts, president of production, Twentieth Century Fox.

This initiative will be dedicated to the creation of original ideas (not rewrites of existing scripts or the development of library titles) from emerging writers. Together, Weinstock and Tzirlin – along with TCF – will hire the writers, coordinate relationships with producers, and supervise the development process of ideas generated from the program.

“We have great hopes for this program, especially under the leadership of Nicky and Steve, whom we respect greatly and know will take this initiative beyond our expectations,” said Watts. “The goal for this enterprise is to create a place where original ideas are generated and where new writers can feel supported to do their best work.”

Weinstock will focus on comedy development, while Tzerlin will spearhead action/adventure development. Five writers in each discipline will be hired initially.