Paramount to Adapt The Martian Chronicles


Paramount Pictures has acquired the rights to The Martian Chronicles, says a story at The Hollywood Reporter.

Ray Bradbury’s book, originally published in 1950, is a collection of continuous short stories, all of which revolve around human beings settling on Mars. It is generally considered one of the quintessential works of American science fiction (though Bradbury himself has insisted that he prefers to think of it as a fantasy).

The Martian Chronicles was previously adapted for the small screen with a 1979 NBC miniseries, of which Bradbury was famously none too fond.

No writer is currently in place for the new version, but the project is set to be produced by John Davis (as was originally reported last year). His recent work includes Gulliver’s Travels and Marmaduke.

Bradbury himself, meanwhile, is still going strong and will be celebrating his 91st birthday this August.