Hailee Steinfeld Up for Romeo and Juliet ?


Hailee Steinfeld is potentially planning to play the lead in an indie adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, says a story at The Hollywood Reporter.

One of the most adapted tales of all time, this version is being helmed by Carlo Carlei (Fluke, The Flight of the Innocent) and will feature a script from Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park, The Tourist).

Steinfeld, who met with critical acclaim for her performance in last year’s True Grit, would play the part of Juliet. In the play, the character is described as “almost fourteen,” though film adaptations often cast older actresses in the part. If, as is planned, the film shoots this summer, Steinfeld will be fourteen for the duration of the production.

Formerly said to be attached to the project was actress Lily Collins. She has presumably had to drop out due to the actress’ busy schedule. Not only is she confirmed to star in Tarsem Singh’s Untitled Snow White Project, but she’s been listed as the frontrunner for the female lead in Odd Thomas.