Andy Serkis Will Direct Second Unit on The Hobbit


The Hollywood Reporter says that, in addition to again playing Gollum, Andy Serkis will serve as Second Unit Director on Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit films.

“I think I understand Peter’s sensibility and we have a common history of understanding Middle Earth,” Serkis said, “A lot of the crew from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ was returning to work on ‘The Hobbit.’ There is really a sense of Peter wanting people around him who totally understand the material and the work ethic.”

He added the learning curve is The Hobbit is being shot in 3D. He said the 3D would be used “dramatically, to give a point of view… In the same way Lord of the Rings was an interpretation of the book, The Hobbit is being treated the same way. It will be faithfully represented with a fresh interpretation.”

About his character, Serkis said “He is very much a Gollum that people will recognize” and that he will be seen in his “truest form.”

The two “Hobbit” films are scheduled to hit theaters in December of 2012 and December of 2013.