Tarsem Singh Offers Snow White Update


Just hours after it was announced that Lily Collins was stepping into the title role of Tarsem Singh’s Untitled Snow White Project, MTV News spoke with the director about the choice and got some interesting details about his original take on the material.

Explaining that he cast the film backwards, going for the Queen, the Prince and then Snow White, Singh explained that the Prince (to be played by Armie Hammer) has to balance between Snow White and the Queen (Julia Roberts) as far as whose side he’s on. Though no casting announcements on the matter have been made, Singh also implies that his version of the story will include the dwarf characters.

As for the look of his fairytale world, Singh has something very clear in mind.

“If you look at Gaudi’s architecture,” he explains, “based in England, done like a turn-of-the-century Russian film and done by an Indian guy. It’s kind of very monochromatic. Everything is in snow, but the costumes are very colorful, and so it’s like, no color and a lot of color.”

Costuming, meanwhile, is going to be fairly extreme and Singh points out how grateful he is for talent that understands his aim.

“[T]he stuff that I make people wear can not look ridiculous,” he says, “It looks ridiculous. I end up pushing it so much… It’s amazing to get [Roberts’] trust. She just said, ‘No, I want to make a movie with you and in your style.’ So, for me, we threw everything out there and we’ll just see how much is palatable.”

Watch the full video interview in the player below and check back soon for ComingSoon.net’s own interview with Singh.