Josh Stolberg Adds Mysterious Hasbro Project


Josh Stolberg, the screenwriter behind films like the recent remakes of Piranha and Sorority Row, has spoken with Moviehole about a number of upcoming projects, including a previously-unannounced “secret” Hasbro film.

“It’s a big family film,” he says, “and we get to play around with a lot of Hasbro brands, but at the end of the day it’s just a great father-kid relationship story kinda in a ‘Night at the Museum’-kinda template.”

It is quite possible that the film in question is Paramount’s Hasbro Factory project which, though rumored, has not had an attached writer and has also been compared to the Shawn Levy film. Whatever it is, Stolberg will write alongside Bobby Florsheim (with whom he worked on the upcoming Man-Witch).

Stolberg has also been collaborating with Florsheim on To Catch a Thief, a remake of the Alfred Hitchcock film which has been in various stages of development for years. According to the screenwriter, the film has entered the casting phase and will be more “modern and gadgety” than the Cary Grant/Grace Kelly original.

Also newly announced from Stolberg are adaptations of two books, including Helen DeWitt’s The Last Samurai (a family drama unrelated to the 2003 Edward Zwick film) and Skippyjon Jones by Judith Byron Schachner, a children’s book about a Siamese kitten with ears so big that he gets mistaken for a chihuahua.