DreamWorks Planning Kodachrome-inspired Film


DreamWorks is developing a feature film based in part on a New York Times article published late last year about the end of Kodak’s Kodachrome development process. Deadline has the story, indicating that Shawn Levy is likely to direct.

The article (which you can read here) was written by A.G. Sulzberger and relates the true story of the Kansas-based Dwayne’s Photo, a small-town film developer that wound up the final location processing Kodachrome film and the ending location of a great many personal odysseys to get final rolls developed. The article suggests that the film will focus on a father/son road trip to Dwayne’s.

Levy, best known for Date Night and the “Night at the Museum” films, is currently in post-production on his sci-fi tale Real Steel and is also slated to tackle the James Cameron produced Fantastic Voyage. When the still-untitled Kodachrome film would fall remains to be seen.