Disney Not Moving Forward with Kosinski’s Oblivion


Variety is reporting that Walt Disney Pictures has decided not to move forward with an adaptation of TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski’s illustrated novel Oblivion, but will let the helmer and Radical Publishing shop the project to other studios and producers.

The movie, which was recently believed to have been retitled “Horizons,” takes place in a future where humanity lives in the clouds, thanks to an irradiated Earth. When the lead character, a repairman named Jak, finds a woman in a crashed ship, his whole world view comes into question.

Radical’s president and publisher, Barry Levine, was set to produce with Kosinski. Radical Studios’ executive VP Jesse Berger was signed on as executive producer. The script was written by William Monahan and Karl Gajdusek.

Random House will release the 128-page book on July 12.