Miss Marple to Return to the Big Screen


Miss Marple, the elderly heroine of a dozen Agatha Christie novels, is set to return to the big screen, according to a story at The Hollywood Reporter.

The twelve original Marple novel began with “The Thirteen Problems,” the first chapter of which was released as a short story in 1927 and the novel itself published in 1930. The character, Jane Marple, has since appeared in film, television, stage and on the radio.

Details are few, but the article notes that Disney will modernize Miss Marple rather than go for a period approach and that the studio has hired Mark Frost (“Twin Peaks,” Fantastic Four) to provide the screenplay.

UPDATE: It is now being reported that Jennifer Garner is attached to the film, offering a decidedly younger slant on the character than either the novels or previous adaptations have supplied. Garner is also set to produce.