The Salamander Key to Premiere in Moscow March 24th


The world premiere for The Salamander Key (previously titled “The Fifth Execution”) is set for a world premiere in Moscow on Thursday, March 24th. The movie stars Rutger Hauer, Michael Madsen and mixed martial arts’ (MMA) Fedor Emelianenko. The action film marks Emelianenko’s debut on the big screen.

In the film, a group of international scientists disappear on a remote island in South-Eastern Asia while conducting advanced medical research. A Rescue Group is commissioned to seek out the team and locates remnants of a high-tech laboratory revealing evidence that experimental testing has been conducted on animals and humans; the last communication from the scientists prior to their disappearance cautions the world of immanent, grave global disaster.

Directed by Alexander Jakimchuk, The Salamander Key also stars Zunis Dzhongsavat, Govit Vattanakun, Adrian Bowden, Bo Dzhittrang, Valery Nikolaev, Pavel delagila, Oleg Chernov, Valeriy Solovyov, Julia Gorshenin, Alexander Lenin, Aleksei Gorbunov and Anna Geller.

You can view the Russian trailer for the film below as well as photos from the set featuring Emelianenko.