UPDATE: Johnny Knoxville Close to Three Stooges Role?


He’s been rumored for the part for quite some time and now Variety is reporting that Johnny Knoxville is a near-lock for the Farrelly brothers comedy.

Knoxville would star as Moe in the tribute to the original comedy legends, performing alongside the yet-to-be-cast characters of Larry and Curly. The plot, inspired by original “Three Stooges” shorts, will have the trio left as newborns outside an orphanage and will follow them into adulthood, the full film being divided into three half-hour shorts.

Confirmation of Knoxville and casting for the rest of the film is expected to be announced shortly, though the brothers (who recently directed Hall Pass) recently announced that they have a role in mind for Cher (who previously appeared in their Stuck on You.

Knoxville, best known for heading the Jackass crew (whose physical antics are often likened to modern-day “Stooges” routines), has also appeared in narrative films like Men in Black II and The Ringer.

UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter says Knoxville expressed interest, but negotiations never started and no offer was ever made.