Untitled Paul Weitz Drama Begins Filming


Focus Features has announced that the adaptation of Nick Flynn’s 2004 memoir, “Another Bulls–t Night in Suck City” (formerly titled Another Night), has started production as of today.

As previously reported, the film will star Paul Dano as a young writer who happens upon a homeless man (Robert De Niro) that he soon learns is his long-lost father. Olivia Thirlby and Julianne Moore will also star, joining the just-announced Lili Taylor (“Six Feet Under”) and Dale Dickey (Winter’s Bone).

Moore’s role is now confirmed to be that of Jody, Dano’s character’s mother. The victim of suicide in the book, Moore is likely featured primarily in flashbacks.

“Nick’s memoir was emotional, ruefully funny, and powerfully moving,” says Focus CEO James Schamus, “Paul’s movie looks to honor Nick’s experiences – and his father’s. We are privileged to be working with these filmmakers and talent to tell this story.”

“I’ve been working on this script for seven years,” adds director Paul Wetiz, “gone through 30 drafts, and I feel extremely lucky to be making this draft, with this cast, at this studio.”

No release date is currently planned, but the drama could forseeably arrive in time for the-end-of-the-year awards season.