Paramount Seeking Actors for Fun Size


Paramount Pictures has begun the search for two leading characters in its Halloween comedy Fun Size, to be directed Josh Schwartz (“Chuck,” “Gossip Girl”) with a script from Max Werner (“The Daily Show”).

The project has been described as a cross between Superbad and Adventures in Babysitting. Set on Halloween, it follows the adventures of a teen girl who loses her little brother while Trick-or-Treating.

Though it’s unconfirmed, it’s likely that Fun Size will target an October 2012 release and, with the absence of the teen girl role in the casting search, probable that the part will go to a “known” actress.

Check out the descriptions below and click here to download audition sides and details on videotape submission.

ALBERT: 8 years old, with chubby cheeks. Albert is undeniably a strange but intriguing little boy, combining childlike ways (like love of anything sugar) with unnerving adult habits (he’s unbeatable on the videogame “Aggravated Assault,” precocious, and is unflappable – even ingenious – in a crisis). He does not speak until the end of the movie. (LEAD)

STUART: 16 years old. Born and raised in the United States. Stuart is of Asian, East Indian or Middle Eastern descent. Slight in build, Stuart is a kid who talks twice his size. Obsessed with sci-fi and comic books, he is the co-captain of the debate team with his best friend, Roosevelt. (LEAD)