Michael Caine Finds Mr. Morgan’s Last Love


Michael Caine has found his next project after the soon-to-shoot The Dark Knight Rises. According to Variety, he’s set to head to France for Mr. Morgan’s Last Love, based on the Francoise Dorner novel, “La douceur assassine.”

Caine will star in the role of Mr. Morgan (Mr. Armand in the novel) in a story officially described as the following (translated from the French):

Pauline met Armand on the bus. He is professor of philosophy close to retirement. Fifty years apart, they’re sharing the same loneliness.

They will establish a unique relationship which is not about sex or just friendship or even that of student and a teacher and each witll change the life of the other, finding joy and rediscovering a sense of rebellion against a society build on prejudices against both young and old.

But what is the cost of their relationship?

To be written and directed by Sandra Nettelbeck (Mostly Martha, remade in the US as No Reservations), the film is said to begin production in Paris and Cologne with a release planned for sometime in 2012.