Paramount Rebuilding Pet Sematary ?


Paramount Pictures looks to be making a return to Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, The LA Times reports, learning from screenwriter Matthew Greenberg (who previously adapted King’s 1408) that he’s finishing off a screenplay for the remake.

Though Greenberg’s script doesn’t necessarily mean that the project would move forward anytime soon, Hollywood seems to currently be embracing King’s work in a major way. A massive adaptation of The Dark Tower is underway at Universal with Ron Howard overseeing a multi-part film and television cross-platform version and, just yesterday, it was revealed that Warner Bros. is working on bringing The Stand to the big screen.

Pet Sematary, which was released in 1983, tells the story of a Northeastern pet cemetery built on a Native American burial ground and home to a monstrous, supernatural Wendigo. The story was previously adapted for the screen in 1989 with a sequel, Pet Sematary Two following in 1992.