Judi Dench Returns for Bond 23


Judi Dench is set to reprise her role as M in the upcoming (and currently untitled) Bond 23, reports James Bond fansite MI6.

Dench herself announced the return at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards in London last night, though she was tight on details, saying only that she was looking forward to a repeat performance opposite Daniel Craig and the chance to work again with Director Sam Mendes (this time in a film rather than on the stage.)

Dench’s casting has been one of the longer lasting performances in the Bond franchise, appearing in every film since GoldenEye. The original M was played by Bernard Lee who lasted nine films (Dr. No through Moonraker). The role was then taken over by Robert Brown, who appeared in four (Octopussy through License to Kill).

Bond 23 is expected to enter production soon with a release date of November 9, 2012.