Shane Carruth Joins Looper


Shane Carruth has joined Rian Johnson’s upcoming production, Looper, the film’s official site is reporting.

Carruth, who will serve in a currently-unknown capacity on the sci-fi actioner, is no stranger to fictional time travel. His 2004 independent film Primer is heralded as one of the most technically complex examples of the genre. Also a star of Primer, Carruth may be serving in either an acting capacity for Looper or as a technical consultant (or both).

Looper is set to star Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who previously appeared in Johnson’s Brick), Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt and tells the story of a group of hitmen who received their assignments from the future.

The original post included the below image of Carruth, likely taken by Johnson on the Louisiana set.

UPDATE: Badass Digest has confirmed that Carruth will be providing special effects for the film’s time travel scenes.