Tim Johnson on the How to Train Your Dragon Sequel


BadTaste.it talked to How to Train Your Dragon executive producer Tim Johnson about the upcoming sequel and TV show.

“It’s a much bigger movie. Everybody’s already like terrified of pulling off the movie,” Johnson told the site. “So, [writer/director Dean DeBlois] had a big pitch to people just two weeks ago, almost right before I came, and now everybody is trying to figure out how we would pull off that story. And we’re so worried, I mean it really is about taking a look at the story and the sets and the new characters he’s proposing we meet and figuring out if we can get it all done.”

He added that he thinks the movie will be released in the fall of 2013. “So we have like two-and-a-half year, little less than three years. For animation that’s fast, though for a sequel that’s not that bad. We usually take about four or more years for an original movie.”

He also talked about the TV series in development, which you can hear in the interview embedded below.

SPOILER WARNING: If you have not seen the first movie, there’s a pretty significant spoiler towards the end of the interview about the film!