Peter Yates, 1928 – 2011


Peter Yates, who has worked as a director in Hollywood since the early sixties, has passed away at age 82, Deadline reports.

Yates is best known for the 1968 Steve McQueen film Bullitt, but frequently crossed genres with a lengthy list of credits that includes The Friends of Eddie Coyle, The Deep, Breaking Away, The Dresser and Krull, among many others.

Beginning his career as a stage actor, Yates also spent his early career working with automobiles as both a racecar driver and a manager for Sir Stirling Moss, no doubt paving the way for the famous car chase scene in Bullitt.

Married to his Producer, Virginia Pope, Yates had three children, one of whom, Toby Yates, currently works in the film industry as an editor.