Is Limitless Getting a New Ending? (Spoiler!)


Two local Philadelphia websites are reporting that the Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro thriller Limitless, being released by Relativity Media on March 18, are back in the city doing some more filming for the movie. According to Dan Gross at the Inquirer’s, they’re back in town shooting a new ending for Neil (The Illusionist) Burger’s upcoming movie so a heavy SPOILER WARNING if that’s the case!

But first, we have a Philly social blog called Philly Chit Chat, who have come across a location near 23rd and Market that has been dressed up with materials to recreate a New York City campaign office for Cooper’s character Edward Morra, who uses a smart drug to enhance his brainpower to 100% and becomes the target for forces who want to get their hands on him. These photos seem to point to rather optimistic results if they are in fact for the film’s ending as Morra seems to be campaigning for political office, whether it’s the mayor of New York City or governor of New York State.

Adding to the mix is the fact that both Bradley Cooper and Abbie Cornish were back in the city filming last week at chef Michael Schulson’s restaurant hot spot Sampan on South 13th Street with plans to shoot at this new location on Monday. With the film set to open in just over two months, it seems strange to be shooting a new ending with such a tight deadline, although stranger things have happened in the film biz. There’s just as good a chance that these new shoots are being done to create more promotional videos for the film’s marketing campaign.

Some might remember that last month, we received some viral materials from Relativity advertising a drug called NZT that in fact was a promotion for the film–you can refresh your memory here–so the question is whether the filmmakers and actors are back in Philly doing some reshoots to help improve the movie with a new ending or they’re there to build upon the intriguing marketing campaign. Hopefully, we’ll be able to learn more on Monday.

UPDATE: We’ve been told by a source that they are shooting another scene for the movie that required being shot in cold weather to match something else in the film, which is why they waited until two months before the film’s release to shoot it.

You can see a full report and a lot more pictures on next week’s location at Philly Chit Chat.