John Goodman Gets Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close


John Goodman is joining Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and unknown Thomas Horn in director Stephen Daldry’s adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s novel, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.

Scott Rudin is producing the Warner Bros./Paramount co-production, which stars Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks.

Produced by Scott Ruding, the Warner Bros./Paramount co-production is about “Oskar, a 10-year old boy (Horn) who loses his father (Hanks) in the Sept. 11 attacks and goes on a cathartic journey to deal with his loss. He scours New York for information relating to the lock-box key box left behind by his father and meets an assortment of people along the way — each dealing with their own forms of grief and loss that connect and parallel his own.”

Goodman is set to play a doorman in Oskar’s apartment building.

The movie is expected to start filming in the winter.