Insidious Gets April 1st Release Date


It looks like Insidious, the haunted house movie from James Wan and Leigh Whannell, the creators of the “Saw” franchise, will be getting an April 1, 2011 release date through GK Films’ new distribution branch FilmDistrict, the new home of Picturehouse and Apparition’s Bob Berney.

That puts their movie up against a bunch of other genre flicks including Mother’s Day, the new movie from Darren Bousman, who took over the “Saw” films with Saw II; Super, the superhero comedy from Slither director James Gunn; and Duncan Jones’ sci-fi thriller Source Code. It’s uncertain how wide FilmDistrict will go with the movie in its opening weekend as it will be one of FilmDistrict’s first releases.

Look for our interviews with James and Leigh done at the Toronto Film Festival, where the movie went over like gangbusters in the “Midnight Madness” programming, over on closer to that date.