Hoover to Shoot Early 2011


Speaking today at a special retrospective screening alongside Martin Scorsese (via satellite), Leonardo DiCaprio confirmed plans to move forward with Clint Eastwood’s Hoover early next year.

“It looks like, yes, infidelity is in place,” joked DiCaprio of joining a non-Scorsese film, “I will be working with Clint very soon on the Hoover project. I think it’s going to start very soon. Maybe January or February.”

The actor was confirmed to be involved with the project earlier this year and will star as the biopic’s focus, J. Edgar Hoover, who founded the Federal Bureau of Investigations in the 1930’s and whose ensuing career spanned decades.

It should be noted that DiCaprio did not refer to the film by the Hoover title, potentially indicating that the Eastwood project may be released with a different name.

Scorsese, meanwhile, updated the progress of his next film, Hugo Cabret, currently shooting in England with the production marking a first attempt at 3D filmmaking for the Oscar winning director.

“It’s going. It’s been an experience…” said the director, “Every time you set up the camera, there’s the geometry and everything. You’re really redefining and trying to figure out how to tell the story again with pictures and this 3D, which is really interesting. And of course it’s a film that’s a fable… We’ve been shooting for quite awhile. We only have a few more weeks, I hope. I hope to get it out by next year.”

Scorsese also mentioned in passing that he still intends to film a biopic of Frank Sinatra, though it is uncertain whether it will be his next project.