Tron Legacy to Include Larger Format IMAX Scenes


Clearly, the mania for Disney’s long-awaited sequel Tron Legacy has kicked into overdrive with the debut of the first trailer over the weekend at special viral events, which you can read about here.

After the event in Los Angeles, /Film founder Peter Sciretta and FirstShowing‘s Alex Billington spoke to director Joseph Kosinski about the footage they saw and discovered he had shot five action sequences that will be displayed in the full-range IMAX format (similar to The Dark Knight) so that those who catch it on the larger IMAX screens will be able to view those scenes taking full advantage of the extended format. (Normally, IMAX show their films in a larger letter-boxed format.)

This is exciting news for those who have been waiting for this movie for 28 years, as well as those who will be experiencing the world of Tron for the first time.

Tron Legacy is scheduled to open on December 17, and you’ll probably want to get those IMAX tickets early!