Exclusive: Manfredi & Hay on The Boys and R.I.P.D.


ComingSoon.net’s SuperHeroHype talked exclusively to Clash of the Titans co-writers Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay about adapting both the Garth Ennis/Darrick Robertson comic book “The Boys” and the Dark Horse mini-series “R.I.P.D.”

The former revolves around the government’s decision to have the CIA monitor all superheroes using a Black Ops team called “The Boys” and what happens when a Scottish conspiracy nut named Wee Hughie, whose girlfriend was killed by a superhero, is inducted to join the group when they’re reformed to take down rogue superheroes who have gotten out of control.

“R.I.P.D.” (short for “Rest In Peace Department”) is Peter Lenkov’s comedic amalgam of the police and zombie genres featuring two dead police officers whose job it is to help the dead “rest in peace.”

You can read what they had to say about both over on SuperHeroHype.