Goldberg, Harrington and Huston Voicing Monster


Adam Goldberg, Jay Harrington and Danny Huston will voice EuropaCorp’s A Monster in Paris, an animated movie directed by Bibo Bergeron (Shark Tale). Bergeron wrote the script with Stephane Kazandjian.

Bob Balaban and Catherine O’Hara are also joining the voice cast, which already includes French pop singer Vanessa Paradis.

Sett in Paris in 1910, the film follows a shy movie projectionist (Harrington) and an inventor who team up with a cabaret star (Paradis), an eccentric scientist and his monkey to save the city from a monster. The real villain, however, turns out to be the ruthless police chief (Huston).

Goldberg voices a delivery man without any goals in life, while Balaban acts as a police captain, and O’Hara plays the owner of the cabaret club.