Update: Worthington Heading to Texas Killing Fields


Production Weekly (via ShockTillYouDrop.com) reports that Avatar star Sam Worthington is in talks to front the cast of The Fields, a new thriller by Ami Canaan Mann. Her father Michael Mann will produce.

The site says details on the film’s story are not known yet.

Worthington can next be seen in Clash of the Titans on April 2nd.

UPDATE: Variety has an update, saying the film is a murder mystery titled Texas Killing Fields and written by Donald F. Ferrarone. Shooting will start in April in Louisiana.

The film focuses on the true story of a pair of police officers who undertook to solve two decades of disappearances and homicides — totaling as many as 60 victims — in the industrial wastelands surrounding Gulf Coast refineries.

Worthington will portray a local homicide detective who works with a New York transplant to wage a war against the unknown but fierce killers.