Universal Launches Viral Site for Repo Men


Universal Pictures has launched a new tie-in site for The Union, the company in action-thriller Repo Men that provides people with organ replacements… and then retrieves them if you fail to make your payments. You can check it out at TheUnionCares.com. The studio has also sent us five new posters for the April 2 release, which you can view here.

About The Union:

At The Union, we pride ourselves on providing the world’s most cutting-edge technology in organ replacement. Artiforgs –short for artificial organs—were originally developed to extend the lives of soldiers wounded in combat. We’ve taken this once-exclusive military technology and made it accessible to the general public. Thanks to our team of skilled scientists and technicians, you too can extend and enhance your life by purchasing your very own artiforg.

To learn more about the one stop shop for all your artiforg needs, please go to http://www.theunioncares.com. The website will guide you through their complete catalog of artiforg offerings, as well as an overview of financing and payment plans*.

Don’t delay – the key to extending and enhancing your life is just a few steps away…

Or, if you are interested in joining The Union team, please consider applying for a position directly on the website. The Union is currently looking for skilled and licensed technicians with the following skills to join their team of Repo Men:

5+ years experience in the military, law enforcement or security work
Must excel in hand-to-hand combat
Proficiency in one or more of the following: mixed martial arts, karate, kung fu, judo, jujitsu, kickboxing
Adept at handling both tasers and scalpels

*Financing Terms and Conditions: Action will be taken after the sixth day of the fourth month of non-payment. Repo Men will retrieve the property at your own expense.