Actor Louis Ozawa Changchien Talks Predators

ON has posted a translated interview with actor Louis Ozawa Changchien who appears in the Robert Rodriguez-produced Predators, directed by Nimrod Antal (Vacancy), which arrives in theaters on July 7.

Changchien plays Hanzo, one of the people abducted by Predators who must fight for his life in the alien’s hunting field on an alien planet. “He’s basically a mean yakuza,” says the actor of Hanzo. “A yakuza abducted by the Predators. Very much feared and very skilled. Excellent gun man and also competent with a sword.”

The recent announcement a few weeks back that “Matrix” actor Laurence Fishburne was joining the cast came as a surprise to everyone including the cast. “We were nagging them everyday like, ‘Is Fishburne really coming?’ but all of us were excited to find out indeed he is,” confesses Changchien. “There were many rumors at first, like it will be Bruce Willis, Jean-Claude Van Damme, or even Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I’m glad Laurence was cast in the end.”

“It’s a really interesting role,” he continues. “Quite different from Morpheus. A bit shady, crazy, surviving on his own, kind of a ratty character. I didn’t know anything about his role, and we all went to see the rehearsal. It was quite a surprise.

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