Framelight Developing Chi-Chian , Tom Trueheart


Production company Framelight has optioned film rights to the cult comic “Chi-Chian” and has also attached Mark Rosenthal to write its family adventure The Secret History of Tom Trueheart, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The fairy tale-tinged “Chi-Chian” is set in a dystopian New York — the city has lost its independence and become a prefecture of Japan — and centers on a seemingly ordinary young woman who has been tapped as a heroine and must fight samurais, robots and zombies to protect her loved ones.

The property, which began life as a six-part comic book from the Cuban-American musician Voltaire, spawned a set of digital episodes for Syfy as well as a role-playing game.

“Trueheart,” based on Ian Beck’s young-adult novel, centers on an adventurer in a mythical land who must rescue his more seasoned older brothers when they go missing.