Paranormal Activity Scares Up 20 More Cities!


We have received word that director Oren Peli’s independently-produced debut thriller Paranormal Activity did well enough last weekend for Paramount to expand it into 20 more cities, including New York, L.A., Las Vegas, Chicago and Dallas. The $11,000 movie sold out many of its midnight screenings in ten cities last weekend, grossing $79 thousand in 12 theaters, as well as creating lines around the block at a number of special midnight screenings on Thursday night. Apparently, Paramount’s “Demand It!” program worked because there was enough interest for them to expand the movie quicker than originally planned.

You can check out the list all of the cities that will get the movie this coming weekend below! (Note: These screenings will once again be at midnight on Thursday, Friday and Saturday only!)

If your city is not listed, then make sure to go to the Official Website to Demand It!

Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
DC/Baltimore, MD
Denver, CO
Detroit, MI
Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Miami, FL
Minneapolis, MN
New York, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix, AZ
Sacramento, CA
San Antonio, TX
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
San Jose, CA
Tampa, FL