Oren Peli Thanks You for Your Support!


Last Thursday at midnight, ComingSoon.net and ShockTillYouDrop.com hosted one of the first midnight screenings of Oren Peli’s Paranormal Activity in New York City, and like we’ve heard from the other screenings around the screening, there was so much demand that there was a line around the block and hundreds of people had to be turned away. Over the weekend, the movie also opened in ten cities for midnight screenings which were mostly sold out, and it’s been reported (but yet to be confirmed) that the film may have grossed north of $100,000.

This morning, ComingSoon.net received a link from Peli himself with a video message to the fans, thanking those who went out to see the movie over the weekend and making it such a big hit. He’s optimistic that the film’s success in select cities and the overwhelming demand through Paramount’s “Demand It!” program will get the movie seen, hopefully in a wider release, sometime down the road.